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Pilot projects
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Multi-Cultural Center event in IV

The hip-hop artist band The Coup along with lead artist Boots Riley entertained the public for nearly two hours performing on the Manzanita open-air grounds (adjacent to 6500 DP) at UCSB. The dedication of the Multi-cultural Center paid rich dividends as there were nearly 300 people and the surveys handed out reflect very positive sentiments on this event. Students and the larger community alike are eager to have more such safe, late-night, alternative programming in and around IV.

Location: Manzanita Grounds, UCSB (abutting Del Playa)

Date: May 20th, 2010

Team: Zaveeni Khan-Marcus, Viviana Marsano, Seetha Raghupathy, Kim Yasuda

Support: UCSB Housing and Residential Services, IV Foot Patrol, Del Playa residents


Late-night food truck in IV

The food truck  we mobilized on the parking lot of 6613 DP as an option for late- night food options on Del Playa Drive was viewed with curiosity and interest. Feedback from various stakeholders indicated that this was a step in the right direction towards enlivening the street scape while providing valuable business opportunities for local establishments. However, practical issues such as time of day, day of the week, lack of a credit/ debit card paying option etc were impediments to making it profitable in this first iteration. We are positive that upon ironing out minor glitches, the food trucks will become a vibrant social, cultural and economic addition to IV.

Here are some comments from students and passers-by:

1. “Why has no one ever thought of this before?”
2. “It’s a good idea.”
3. “It’s about time. Jesus.”
4. “Smartest thing I’ve seen. Smart.”
5. “Oh man a taco stand!”
6. “Burgers should be $1 cheaper than cheeseburgers.”
7. “You should get flavored drinks-Gatorade, Vitamin Water…”
8. “Tacos. If you get tacos I’ll eat them all day.”
9. “Good for you.”
10. “Too expensive.”
11. “This is the smartest thing ever.”
12. “I am so excited!”

Location: 6613 Del Playa, Isla Vista

Date: May 20th, 2010

Team: Nancy Weiss, Shoham Yaniv, Macario Piyan, Seetha Raghupathy, Kim Yasuda

Support: Lou Ventura, Ventura Enterprises


Art student works (from Prof. Kim Yasuda’s class) were be exhibited in and about the domestic and public spaces of IV. This included a food event in the IV Redevelopment Agency parking lot (behind Cantina at 966 Embarcadero Del Mar), installations at clothing boutique Misbehavin’, community collective DIT/DIY printmaking, mural displays on apartment balconies and the IV medical clinic facade. As a second iteration to the food truck idea (see above), a bakesale was organized in the parking lot of 6613 DP to gauge interest and response to food options on Friday late night (as opposed to the Thursday early evening previous iteration).